Saturday, August 11, 2007

As the Summer Winds Down

Livi and I had a wonderful time in Amelia Island this past weekend. One of my cousins was able to get a gorgeous condo right on the beach for all of us and we spent the days playing in the ocean and doing a little sightseeing. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera along most of the time, so no new pics... Sorry! I'll try to get some over the next few days as Livi and I are out and about.

Livi has an ear infection--a product of her days playing surfer baby, I think. Her doctor was on vacation, but we got in to see one of the other doctors on his team and she gave us a script for amoxicillin. One of our grocery stores here, Publix, has a deal going on where all your 'cillin type drugs are free. That was nice! We managed to catch the infection before it got bad, so I'm hoping it will clear up before Livi's scheduled surgery on August 21st. Eeek! That's approching way too fast!

Next weekend is my last three day weekend of the summer (the college I work at gives us Fridays off for 13 weeks of the summer each year.) As it's also the last weekend before Livi's surgery I'm planning to get in as much play time as we can. Unfortunately we have to avoid the pool (don't want to aggravate the ear infection), but we can go to the park and stuff like that. I'm just praying the weather cools off a bit. It's been unbearably hot here the last week or so.

Oh--one of the things that's recommended for kids with sensory integration issues is a crash pit. It's a padded "pit" that they can literally crash in. Bouncing, jumping, throwing themselves down, and that kind of thing is actually good therapy for SI kids. Well, I priced crash pits and they typically run about $800 or more. I've found a great substitute, though. It's called a "pillow sac" and has them for $115. It measures 5' x 6' by 8" deep and is filled with shredded foam. Livi loves it and it's a great place for her to get all her jumping, bouncing and crashing out of her system!

That's all for now... I'll try to post again soon with new photos!

~ Jeana