Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Livi's Trophy

Livi is so proud of her photo trophy. This photo was taken at the ceremony. She made the whole crowd laugh with her cute little scrunchy face. I'd love to capture more sweet smiles, but I have to admit that this one is cute!

She's been on really good behavior lately (excluding the scissors episode) so I'm thinking about taking her to the zoo this weekend. I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough for it.

This photo was taken this evening. She was wandering around the house "watching" her trophy. I can't wait until her hair grows out a bit...

~ Jeana

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh... My... God...

While I was in my office typing up my last post, Alivia was in my bathroom giving herself a haircut... Sigh... the bangs are her work. I decided there was no way to save it and cut the rest of her hair to match. Sigh... Thank goodness she waited until after the trophy ceremony to figure out how to open the medicine chest and find the scissors...

~ Jeana

Livi Got Another Trophy!

Well, last year, Alivia won two runner up trophies. This year she only received one trophy, but it was for Voters Choice Overall Winner for the Most Photogenic Baby Comic Category (2-3 year old). This is the photo that we entered in that category. We also had another photo entered, but it didn't win anything. It was really difficult to decide which photos to enter because she had so many cute ones. I'm posting the one that didn't win and a few of the other cute ones below. The organization that does this contest will be posting photos of the winner getting their awards tomorrow and I'll add that one, too.

Funny story--they give out dozens of awards at this thing--mostly the small runner up trophies like Alivia won last year. This year the crowd was rather quiet and sometimes clapped and sometimes didn't as the kids went up on the stage to get their trophies and pose for a picture with the trophy. Well, Alivia made a bit of a production out of getting her trophy and did a couple of her "model" poses and then did her signature squint face. Everyone in the crowd laughed and applauded for her. It was too cute! I wish I'd had my video camera with me.

Here's one of her supermodel poses--a la Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model...

~ Jeana

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Finally a Warm Day!

It has been miserably cold here for the last few weeks, but today we finally had a warm day. Alivia and I spent the day running errands--one of those errands was to check out the competition at the Most Photogenic Baby Competition. Tomorrow is the awards ceremony. I'm fairly confident that Livi will get at least one trophy. Speaking of photos, these are a couple of the photos from the photo shoot that I didn't enter into the competition. I'l post the ones from the competition tomorrow along with the results. I love doing this competition just because of the quality of the photos we get out of it. The photographer is great!

Another of our errands today was to check out summer camps at the Jax Camp Expo. Most of them catered to older kids, but there were several that she was eligible for. If we can get her potty trained it will open up more options for us. Of course all of the ones at the Expo were open to the general public and weren't specifically tailored to special needs kids, so I had to discuss our situation with each of the ones I was interested in to see if it would be a good fit. I also want to talk to some of the special needs camps, but most of them seem to cater to more profound issues than Alivia has, so I'll need to be careful in that respect, too. I'd love to find a place with a low child to adult ratio and lots of out door activities and active play that operates all day for several weeks. We'll see...

On a taking care of Mommy note, I've decided to go back to school and get my doctorate. The job market is just too scary and will be for some time, so I want to make sure I have as many options as possible. And my leg seems to be doing okay. I go back on the 13th for more x-rays, but at the moment there's little pain and it's more of an inconvenience that anything else.


~ Jeana