Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy 2008!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been rather hectic during and since the holidays.

First, the holidays! Livi and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! Christmas Eve we had my parents join us at our home for dinner. Livi was delighted to have Gran and Papa join us for our walk around the neighborhood to see all the lights. She rode in her new wagon (she got to "unwrap" one gift that evening. We finally got her in bed around 8:30 and then my parents helped me carry in all of the presents "from Santa" and get everything set up. Christmas morning Livi was up around 8 a.m. The first thing she saw when she went into the living room was her kitchen--and it probably took a good half hour to get her to even think about looking at anything else. Once she did move on to the other gifts her new tricycle was the next thing she latched onto. Judging from Livi's reactions I'd say Santa did well...

Livi and I spent Christmas afternoon at my parents house... there was another huge pile of presents for Livi. I gotta say she's finally gotten the hang of this gift opening stuff! After dinner we all visited some other family across town, then retired for an early night to get ready for our trip to Atlanta. We drove up the day after Christmas and stayed several days. Livi loved that she got to share a bed with Mommy! She spent every night snuggled up with me--it was SO sweet! My aunts, uncles and cousins all spoiled her silly, too. Then, on New Year's Day Livi had a couple more gifts to open--these from Father Frost. It was a great holiday season!

On the medical front... things didn't go as well as I'd hoped with the opthalmology exam. It seems Livi does have a lazy eye and she also has "pale optic nerves." They are doing eye patch therapy for the lazy eye, but the optic nerve situation seems to be the greater concern. It means her eyes are not getting an adequate blood supply. They are doing and MRI on her and refering us to a neurologist to try to determine the cause. I'm glad to be getting the MRI, actually, as it will give us more information about her brain and how it is growing. She has some significant balance issues still, for which we may find explanations in the MRI. The MRI is early in February, so we'll know more about that then, but the neurologist can't see us until late April...

In other news... Livi got her ears pierced today. She looks so cute with her little earrings! I'll have to get some photos to post here. Also, just before we got her ears done, Livi had a professional photo shoot as part of a "Most Photogenic Baby" contest that is raising money for Wolfson's Children's Hospital through the Chilren's Miracle Network. We have entered three of the shots in the contest. There were some really cute kids there, so it'll be a long shot for her to win, but I'm happy to participate in the fund-raising which will go to Wolfson's where Livi has had all of her surgeries. Once the contest is over (mid-February) I'll be given her photos and I'll post them here. They are absolutely gorgeous! In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the candids from Christmas!

~ Jeana