Saturday, June 27, 2009

End of June

We are quickly coming up on Alivia's birthday and our family anniversary day! It's hard to believe Alivia will be 4 years old in just a few days and that we have been a family for three years! I've been reflecting back on this last year and I am amazed at how much progress Alivia has made--especially in the last few months. Our toileting situation has its good days and its bad days. Alivia is in a new daycare situation and isn't thrilled with it, and as a result she's had a number of accidents. It's improving, though, and I think she'll do better once she feels more comfortable there. She's not crying when I drop her off, so I'm not too worried about her adjustment there--and it's only for another seven weeks.

Alivia is on a new medication--one meant to stimulate her appetite. It's working well--she's eating a lot more than she has up till now. I think she's put on a half pound or more just in the last few days. I expect I'm going to have to really start watching her snacking and make sure she's eating more fruit and healthier choices instead of cookies and sweets. It will be an unusual change from being thankful for any little bite of anything that she eats!

Today we went to Portrait Innovations and got these lovely photos done. Livi was *not* in the best of moods and didn't cooperate too well for a lot of them. We did manage to capture several good shots, though, so I'm happy. I was really looking forward to finally getting some photos of her and her American Girl doll in their matching dresses. Everyone there commented on how cute they were together.

Next week I have to make the long drive to Tallahassee to get my final post placement report apostilled. I was hoping to do it on Monday when I'm off, but it looks like I will have to take a day (or at least an afternoon) off to do it. I'm really not happy about that! I've tried calling my social worker several times to find out where it's at (I haven't received it yet!) and she has yet to return my call. She was supposed to have had it to me last week. Grrrrrrr!

Here's hoping the rest of you are staying cool! The summer is really starting to heat up here in Florida and we're expecting this weekend to be a real scorcher!

~ Jeana

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cause for Celebration!

Woo Hoo! I'm utterly thrilled to announce that Alivia is finally potty trained! She's had several days with no accidents. She absolutely loves wearing her big girl panties! Long Happy Sigh... You can't imagine how happy I am that she is no longer wearing pullups except at night. I think we'll be able to curtail that soon, too! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! (Happy dancing all over the place!)

This first photo is from Alivia's speech therapy. They are doing an electo-stimulus to her throat muscles. She has to eat and talk throughout the one hour session and it's supposed to help her with speech and cure a drooling issue that we have as a result of all the surgeries. She does pretty well with it for the most part and it seems to be helping!

While we were on our trip last month we visited my brother and his boys in Indy. This shot is Alivia with her cousins Bradley and Corey. Bradley is in school learning the automotive trade and Corey has just graduated high school this year. I'm really proud of both of them! They are really nice young men and both just doted all over Alivia while we were there. Her uncle was even more nuts over her--I was amazed at how he tolerated all her spills and demands, but he was a real trooper. (I think he loved having the chance to play with a toddler after all these years of teenagers.)

These last two photos were taken at the American Girl Store in Chicago. We were there with Christy, Cindy and Katie. Alivia got her doll that day--one of the bitty twins--and named it Jeana (after me!) Christy ordered Katie's doll and they picked her up just a few weeks ago. They got her one of the new historical dolls whose story is that she is a Russian immigrant. Both girls enjoyed visiting the store. Livi wanted to also bring home a doll stroller, but I managed to talk her out of it as we already have a couple at home.

While we were there we treated ourselves to a lovely lunch in the store's restaurant. The food was surprisingly tasty and the girls got to have companion dolls with them during the meal. The service was impeccable! I would recommend it for girls slightly older than ours, though, to really let them get the most out of the experience. Here the two girls are lying on the floor next to the American Girl star. They're such little hams!

~ Jeana

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A New Look

Okay... I was getting a bit bored with the old look of the blog. I decided it was time for something fresh and new. I hope you like it! I've also added an IM function so if you happen to check here and see me online, feel free to ping me!

As of this past Friday school is out for the summer for Alivia! She'll be spending her days with Gran and getting in lots of swimming, sliding, and playing. I'm hoping something will work out so that I can afford to put Alivia in dance classes over the summer, too, but things aren't looking too good in that area right now.

It's hard to believe Alivia's birthday is coming up soon! And I think we may have finally broken the potty training barrier! Hurray! She's been wearing big girl panties for a couple days now and has only had one accident. I'm hoping this trend will continue! I'm ready to stop buying pullups in a big way!

Speaking of Alivia, these two photos are from our trip last month. One is of Alivia in front of the Sanrio store in Chicago. The other is one of my favorites--a group hug with her friends Katie and Grace. I think it would make a great book cover if I ever manage to get around to writing it...

~ Jeana